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We can provide you with all the packaging materials you need from boxes to bubble wrap, tape to packing paper and even chandelier boxes to bike cartons.

If you are moving locally then we generally provide you with boxes for FREE as we collect them once you have unpacked, but if you are going into storage for a long time or you are moving internationally then we charge you cost price for all our packaging materials.

Below is a list of packaging material and price.



Large Box £2.50 each
Medium Box £2.00 each
Book Box £1.75 each
Large Bubble Wrap £15.00 each
Packing Paper (approx 500 sheets) £10.00 each
Wardrobe Carton £12.00 each
Tape (free with boxes)

Boxes Guide

Here is a guide on how many boxes you will need to pack your home. This is based on an average amount of furniture and possessions in a standard home. If you feel you are a minimalist then the amount of boxes you need will be the lesser, if you think you are a bit of a hoarder and have over the average amount then the amount of boxes will be the greater.

    If you are unsure on the volume of boxes you require then please phone and ask one of our friendly surveyors they will be able to assess quickly from asking you some simple questions how many boxes you will need.


Studio Flat  15-20 boxes


1 Bed Flat  20-30 boxes


2 Bed Flat  25-40 boxes


3 Bed Flat 30-50 Boxes


2 Bed House 30-50 Boxes


3 Bed House 40-60 boxes


4 Bed House 50-70 Boxes


5 Bed House 60-80 boxes


Packing Tips

In order to save any strain on your lower back, it is best to start by placing your wrapping materials, tissue, newspaper, tape etc. at a comfortable height for you to work at.

Considering the amount of wrapping you could be doing, starting out like this is the best option.

Placing the box you are packing on top of a previously packed box will bring it to within a comfortable working height.

Don't Overload Your Boxes

The temptation is to squeeze as much as possible into one box but this can make it too heavy or likely to break. To avoid this, limit the size of the box you'll be packing so you reduce the amount of room available to you.

Secure Your Boxes

  • When taping a box, be sure to use two strips of duct tape or packaging tape along the bottom
  • This will ensure the box is secure enough for carrying. If you don't do this you run the risk of hearing the fine china hit the ground halfway down the driveway
  • When folding the box, start with the box upside down so you have easy access to the bottom

Fragile Items

  • The best rule to follow when packing fragile items is to ensure that one third of the box is filled with padding
  • Line the bottom of the box with scrunched up tissue or newspaper to give your box a simple shock absorber
  • Wrap all china and glassware individually before packing
  • Avoid using newspaper for wrapping glass and china as the newsprint can leave smudges
  • Pad the sides of boxes containing fragile items such as glassware or china
  • Layer fragile items and include padding between layers. Also make sure you pad any empty spaces inside the boxes

Moving Your Boxes

  • Place your packed boxes near the front door but don't obstruct it. This will allow the boxes to be moved quickly and with the least amount of fuss
  • Make sure the boxes are clearly marked so that the movers know which room to place the items in at the new house. It might also be worth adding a brief description to each box
  • Pack a box with essential items like medicines, kettle, mugs and tea and make sure that is the last item to go on to the van. After a long day moving, the last thing you want to do is hunt for the kettle!


Dont forget about lofts/attics, garages and sheds when calculating how many you will need. And remeber dont over fill large boxes with books or heavy items. If you have any questions on packing please contact us on 01273 447497 or email info@future-moves.co.uk or look at our Hints & Tips page.

Good luck.

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